by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

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I wrote these songs each day on tour with MY DAD & The Para-Medics.


released September 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Nnamdi Ogbonnaya Chicago, Illinois

Other projects Nnamdi is associated with: Monobody, Itto, Teen Cult, The Sooper SWAG Project,
Nervous Passenger,

The Para-medics
Pisces at the Animal Fair,
Water House,
My Dad,
Love of Everything,
Richard Def and the Mos Pryors
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15 passenger van
tinted cant see us
unless you're real close
hey look at me IM IN A BAND
got a tv in our vehicle a ps2
a seat for you lets go.

gps enter the first destination of the place we're gonna play
and we'll race to get through the door on time

living that tour life

i cant wait to get out of the city
when the skylines behind us it looks a lot prettier

its likely that
somebody will crash straining his neck to see an ass

deep fried oreos wee night stories wish to share them with the rat
but she's out of commission got her teeth caught in a trap

we'll see Will c pulling into the city limits
so excited & full of energy
we'll probably be sick of it the second week
Drank from a cup and i immediately got sick
i think i need some campbells to get a handle on this shit

what the hell just happened? why am i so happy when i'm sick
it's dave's birthday no cake just trap beats and rapping shit

wrap it up follow this dude back to his car red truck

no hesitation or explanation i agreed
mama told me
a stranger with candy is a brand new friend indeed
or did she say an enemy
i dont remember
i hope he doesn't stab me in my neck though

in retrospect i got lucky
coulda been a murderer
coulda tried to fuck me
coulda peeled my skin from head to heel and fed it to his puppy
used my belly as his deli meat
hide me in the back of his truck

you followed who where?
you're an idiot.

nah dude he seemed nice
told me he would give me shit

met him in the bar
in a couple minutes i was headed to his car
i dont know what for
that's not really smart
walk into the parking lot he opened up his door
braced myself for whats in store
sounds like the core of a horror story
but at the end of the night
it turns out he was just a really nice guy

my mom always said
don't talk to strangers
deranged lunatics tryna put yo ass in danger
but i aint scared a shit
this kid is rebellious
i'm taking the candy regardless of whose handing me it
the band we wanted to see dropped off now this shit is looking weak
it's lame. we'll play to nobody

nearly everyone left before we played

at least i got to kick it with robbie and james
after that atrocity

these niggas work hard. skate park in the back yard

drunk dalbur saying offensive shit
staring down aaron tryna flirt with this chick

He ruined your chances

he was talkin bout some
"Oooh girl you should for the show
i think you might have a good time
if your impressed will have breakfast in the morning. i hope you like campbells soup"
tasty cakes and hoagie machines
am i dreaming or am i really here?

tangible and edibles i hold em in my hands

what type of toppings should i choose?
I can pick anyones that i want.

the choice is overwhelming
I just stand there waiting for the menu to change

wawa is the greatest place on earth
i would sell my first born just to get into the door

For a donut and bottled tea
veggie pattie
not a real burger but its not half baddy
like sum these niggas addy
tudes rude dudes is who we are
add us up 8 niggas and we mad as fuck
get up out the way

gino franketelli yo he'll punch your fuckin dog
dalbur piskyala will leave you niggas with a scar

dusty creepy basement
looks like freddy verses jason
smells like old forgotten beef tripe
tracked mud cause no fuckers feet wiped

bitch this is real life
bitch this a real knife
vicious and mean guys straight
shifting the scene life

dont get it twisted we're just letting you exist
make you dissapear with a simple flick of the wrist

we the type of niggas that make a party end early
get into a fight with boyfriends for tryna flirt with their girlies
burly beards. want some better hurry hear and get some then
diabetic ninjas hit you with that shot of insulin

thisll be the last show played here ever
sho nuff alamo they go out something to remember
pedros butt as naked and its making people laugh
feat of strength performance tonight is involving lots of ass

show ends. everybodys in a hurry dips out fast
only evidence of a show are these empty beer cans
now its just us smelly horny dudes inside of jersey man
that muthafucky a-ran got some sucky in the fuckin van

we the type of niggas make a party end early
get in fights for tryna wife some jocky's mutha fuckin girl
burly beards. want some better hurry hear and get some then
diabetic ninja hit you with that shot of insulin
BROOklyn traffic like a snow globe stampede shooken madness
coke head singing biz markie with all his heart slightly off the key
the local publics had it
imbeciles runnin rampant
even still it feels like magic
magic johnson and charles bronson
avoiding cars of course

annoyed angry drivers laying on horn
resting in the noise like tempurpedic
and repeat it
temper temper end up beating
end up bleeding
road rage proportional to the gas gauge
dont believe it then ask a

local. no i'm not broke
just extra froogle
extra careful.
pubic bush all in your mouth gettin hairful

sickness aint an option. funnel cake
powdered sugar coughing. what a bad mistake
i look like anthony hopkins
stepped on a kangaroo thats tryna hop and

hop to shea stadium
i feel like i'm already hating em
. what are you batman? want someone to call the cops?
why'd you hop over the fence? dude whats your fucking problem?

i thought this was america
i'm just viewing the area
i didnt realize this was a problem i apologize

i'm not a trouble maker. godddamn dude
i'm not a trouble maker. godddamn dude
i'm a trouble maker. godddamn dude

but you're the one thats making fucking pickles in the bathroom.
...people shit in there.
poppin like that
mini golf i
get it in twenty shots
and rocket snot out of my
runny nose a leaky

hose i'm hosing hosing down
my clothes i'm glowin golden brown

nostril is an olympic Kenyan
with a limp
a crippled emotional time bomb
salty drip

posture gushing water my salty
spritz of ocean water on my upper lips

quick get a
glance at it
rancid nasty
past unclassy

body new to the process
excreting extra obnoxious

ranch fest
upper half exposed revealing man chest
losing half my clothes in the madness

hurry up dudes
waiting for you

try these sick tips
chinese rib tips

i got the pills that'll kill that cough
i got a quilt to get that snot wiped off
i dont give a shit about a vegan diet
cook me up anything and maybe i'll try it
as long as its not moving
then it's probly worth consuming

try to get them loud when everybodys so quiet
riling up a crowd trying to make em all riot
everyones so young
theres not a single person overr 21

I never thought I would see..
fascinated and disgusted all in one

I watched kyle smoke a cig out of his ass
and it was really gross
i had lyrics to this i promise
but they were shitty. being honest

wrote about walking around harvard square
looking for socks for dalbur to wear
but it all seemed to ruin the vibe

i wrote about ginos adventures
trying to purchase another sweatshirt
i over thought the day until my little head hurt

but the words just didnt feel right

there was a bit about brandy too
there was i wish i could've sang to you
the beautiful melody i thought of before
i forgot cause the words were somewhat a bore
everything i wrote down i didnt like

i had lyrics to this i promise
but they were so shitty i'm just being honest

wrote about roaches
and trivial pursuit
this song could have been better
the melody is cute
but i kinda fucked it up
it's ok
they sped off to the hospital
and left us waiting for a

we waited smoking on the porch
phone in hand to get the story

turns out shit wasnt that bad
get two shaq sodas in the back of the van
drive in traffic
I sleep the whole way

show up a little bit late
someone please turn up the air in this place
cause the heat. the heat. the heat is killing me

play a little bit and then wait
to finish off the day
head over to the lake
environment is great
we're 'bout to leave the states
I'm so excited

Stay up really late to cross the border at the right time
i didn't think there was anything comparable to that infatuating, addictively awkward feel
poutine lays on my taste testers and bowels based on living through dumb shit
day dreaming this moment is an owls lucky omen.
my eyes still cant conceive the relief they felt when my line of sight
lined up just right with your perfect smile
perfect how? symmetrical? body proportions identical?
even if they weren't my chest was already burning
my mind decided to riot in a rose field. poppy seeds overdrawn like a drawing,
a still frame from that wizard of oz scene.
seldom is an overwhelming feeling as enjoyable.
were you wearing a name tag i didnt see it. your name i have no idea cause there was no i.d.
i could have asked but the moment had past.
we all start off as strangers. thats part of the danger of life i feel.
uncertainty. how will situations turn out. how will that shit look when she turns around?
gotta calm my manly urges. testosterone surges.
this is a public establishment nnamdi. get on with your purchases.
when the meals done I feel nourished enough to approach you.
i was just hungry thats what it was. horny and dumb.
invite you to the show at casa. i was unprepared for that smile again
if only i could take a picture of it. i could write a whole novel
about how this waitress could be a model. Oprah would give it 5 stars and a sticker
dudes would grovel over it and that would make me sick.
or jealous? i dont know. I knew you wouldnt go though.
i just wanted to hear you speak. back and forth from french to english.
but if i didnt ask I would have never put it passed me.
I would eat poutine everyday if that wasnt harassing.
Little dick niggas drink cambell's soup.
Soy Bombs amazing
and everytime i come here i just wanna stay
and hang out until the next
talk to my friends about stupid shit
Isn't this the reason we congregate so often?


I always have the best time here
I cant even explain why

skates up
in the half pipe
taste love
endless potential for friendship
Who needs Campbell's soup when you have this??
kzoo met a girl named chelsea that i bumped my ass into
apparently moshing through the crowed i must have mustered up her uppers
talk about perfect posture sho 'nough. fitness monster
wanna fit this monster right into her tonsils.

perverted shit
loving the grub on the kitchen oven its
simpson to milhouse urgent shit
chill ice water sip drenched ready to dip
wrench ready to turn out
oops betty boop look
franky's steady scooping
like a

ladle selling vinyl at the table
to some stoner fans
small business owners man
cutting deals like howie
high like towlie and fittnin to fitness
in sweat like balleys
gym chi city 'ready set into the gps

we're going home
irregular eery feeling
seldom like dreary me
in my room hearing siri speak in tomorrows dream

vehicle steering me in the direction
of comfy sleep
i'm counting a hundred sheep
and then i'm sheering them for my sheets

We're Going Home
Head Back to the City