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oob360 this album should be heard thru in one go. its a journey
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) After having ignored Nnamdi Ogbonnaya for too long, I'm on a roll now with his albums. "Krazy Karl", my first purchase, is a fantastic avantgarde album. "Despondent" is brilliant, too - but in a totally different way. So it's a weird kind of post-metal, demonstrating Nnamdï's virtuosity on various instruments, especially distorted electric guitar and drums. Really can't say which side of Nnamdï I like more... but fortunately, this question doesn't need to be settled. Going on with "Drool" now. Favorite track: Injured.
Cassie R
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Cassie R Not only did Nnamdi make one of my favorite rap records this year, he's also done some fantastic math rock
Derek Piotrowicz
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Derek Piotrowicz Ok, this album is amazing! Check this guy out. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Glasgow Grin.
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HVY 01:24
if i almost die please don't keep me alive pull the fucking plug when i get sick pull the fucking plug when i get sick and if i fall behind don't stop just to cry i think i've put you through quite enough shit no need to get emotional or love sick i cant ruin your year if i'm not even here think of all the stress that i caused you and how impressive it is that we got through if i almost die please don't keep me alive pull the fucking plug when i get sick
Hit or Miss 01:19
If all I have to do is lose I've already done it I feel okay Not good, but just okay. You'd feel the same (trust me) Sell a 40 to the homeless on I-97 (I-90 exits) trying to fuck up their lives.
Injured 01:55
Injured Laugh at him because he's different but that's not enough Choke her cause physical pain Agonizing pain on my legs then they scatter away to their spineless castles Scumbags with no self pity On my back (trying not to cry) Traumatizing blow to the head now the sidewalk is red Crippled, left to die.
Pearly 03:07
She's open to pretty much anything optimistic, but still not confident she isn't herself (but merely a duplicate of the girl you instilled in her) She'll never trust another man again neither would you Her legs are open but her heart's still broken from every man in her life that has treated her bad Thanks dad.
KKK XXX 02:00
Still stuck in shock Cant shake it off the warning that her father gave me I'm glad we talked This cock is blocked so please don't even bother calling me back Paige, I'll rip it out of your stomach disown this disgrace, if it's a nigger that's done it. Strangled, I'll kill you both and keep your corpses as my trophies slit your throats watch you die slow
Glasgow Grin 02:00
I hate myself for smiling I'm sick of it sippin this liquid that's sticking out of my pack of six with a cigarette lit bottom lip is twisted assisting my spittin' out liquidy brown dip, then a bong hit, and I vomit puke my fucking brains out i'm appalled I hate my life but the very next day I'll get up and call it a "good night" I hate myself for smiling.


released November 8, 2013

All songs Written and performed by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
Artwork by Daniel Velazquez.
Recorded by Seth Engel and Adam Salsberg:
Mixed by Seth Engel.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios:


all rights reserved


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