Black Plight


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My Life 02:45
Life. My Life. What’s it worth to you? Macy’s or Human Life? Cop car or Human Life? Rolex or Human Life? You can fix a Target but you can't bring a person back to life. My Life. What’s it worth to you? Is it worth more than new shoes and property? I thought it was but clearly I was wrong. How do we still need to explain This system’s put in place since the plantations We’ve been showing so much restraint Half of ya’ll have never seen true pain I can’t breathe Please believe me How do you sleep with this blood on your hands?
Rage 02:05
They kill us dead in the street Outside so everyone sees They stand and watch while we bleed Black with a capital B I know you wanted the badge just to feel like a big man But that’s never enough Now you’re holding a gun so you can do what you want You want to use it on us You’ll point it straight a kid cause you’re afraid of his skin When he ain't done nothing I see the fear in your eyes I feel the hate in your heart murders part of the job FUCK 12 Had to burn it all down just to be heard But we still ain't heard Had to burn it all down that’s what we’ve learned But they still ain't learned
Heartless 03:13
Again and again It comes as no surprise Abuse of power comes as no surprise Lies. Inciting fear in our minds by spreading lies It's all propaganda Politician's agendas We’re never given straight answers They want to keep us silent So we don’t notice the truth They're escalating the violence They want us all to forget But that can’t happen again Again and again it’s the same shit again and again Can’t sit around and wait for something to change


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released June 5, 2020

Everything by Nnamdi
Steve Marek helped mix and master


all rights reserved


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